Are you an adopted adult or the descendant of a deceased adopted adult?

Birth Certificates

August 28, 2016 The Missouri Adoptee Rights Act will go in effect.  Missouri born adopted adults will be allowed to receive a copy of their own original birth certificate withouta court order. Adoptees born prior to 1941 will be able to make their requests starting August 29, 2016.  Adoptees born after 1940 will be able to make requests January 2, below for more information


Adoption Records

The adoption records law changed in 2011.  It is important to note that adoption records and birth certificates are not kept in the same file and are not accessed in the same below for more information


Search Help

Whether you know who you are searching for or you are just getting started, finding someone in today's society can be extremely easy or extremely difficult depending on how common their name is and what information they have shared below for more information

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What About Other States?

Click on a state name to connect to their information about adoption records and birth certificate laws.

Things to Remember:

  1. Adoption Laws are DIFFERENT in every state.
  2. Adoption Records are usually found in a different location from Birth Certificates. 
  3. Most court clerks and agencey employees will not tell you what all of your legal rights are.
  4. Most adopted adults and birth parents do not know what information they are legally entitled to recieve.
  5. Many searches can be completed for free or for a small fee.
  6. Search angels are free but may not be acting in your best interest.  Always get good references!
  7. Search companies should offer you a guarantee.  Be sure to get the guartantee in writing before you pay.



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We owe incredible thanks to many individuals and businesses who were instrumental in helping HB 1599 pass through our legislature.  Please be sure to visit their website and send a thank you note.

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