DIY Search

Many people will choose to do their own search for relatives.  This works for some people but there are many factors that can lead you to finding the wrong person or no one at all.  If you are thinking about conducting your own search or just getting help from a friend, we suggest that you consider a DNA test to verify results.


Free Missouri Registries

There are two Missouri specific registries and several national and international registries. The state registry has limited results due to complicated verification procedures with the counties.  The PAC (Post Adoption Connection) registry is run by volunteers who will verify all possible matches.


Missouri Mutual Consent Registry


G's Adoption Registry



​Search Angels

Search Angels are volunteers, who often have experience with search and reunion, and will assist you with your search for free.  Some search angels are well trained and very responsible.  Others are inexperienced and may not have the same idea that you do when it comes to proper ways of contacting family members.  When choosing to work with a search angel or post your information in an adoption community group, carefully consider what information you share and clearly state what specific help you would like.


If you are considering working with search angels, G's Adoption Registry was established in 1998 and they have helped thousands of people reunite nationwide.


Paid Research Assistance

There are many options for paid assistance.  We recommend working with an established business that guarantees results.  Many adoptees, parents, and other family members have reported paying thousands of dollars and receiving no results.



Genetic Genealogy, Intermediary Services and Adoption Reunion Support.



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