Missouri Birth Certificate Access - The Missouri Adoptee Rights Act

Thanks to State Representative Don Phillips!  August 28, 2016 The Missouri Adoptee Rights Act went into effect.  Missouri born adopted adults, or their lineal descendants if the adopted adult is deceased, are now allowed to receive a copy of their original birth certificate without ​a court order. 

If you were born Before 1941

House Bill 1599, The Missouri Adoptee Rights Act, became law on August 28, 2016.  Adopted adults who were born in Missouri, before 1941, may now request a copy of their unaltered original birth certificate.  Information on how to make your request can be found by clicking here.  


If you were born After 1940

Adopted adults who were born in Missouri, after 1940, will be able to submit their requests starting on January 2, 2018.  You may make your request by mail or in person (See Below if you are coming in person).  To submit by mail (NOT Before January 2, 2018) click here for the Department of Health and Senior Services information on the Missouri Adoptee Rights Act. 


There is a fee for the copy of the original birth certificate that is the same as the fee for the amended birth certificate (currently in 2017 it is $15).  There will also be  a New Year’s event for those coming to Jefferson City to make their request.   



"Breaking The Seal": Celebration, Conference & Workshops

Hosted by G's Adoption Registry

Sponsored by: Genected and Missouri Adoptee Rights Movement


Location: Capitol Plaza Hotel, 415 W McCarty St., Jefferson City, MO 65101

Phone: 573-635-1234


NOTE: You may sign up for the event below but your hotel reservations must be made separately.  The Capitol Plaza is offering their standard room at $99/night and including up to 2 breakfast buffet coupons with each night stay.  Tell them you will be attending "Breaking The Seal" to get the special rate.


Event Schedule

December 31, 2017- New Year's Eve Dinner & Celebration of Missouri Adoptee Rights Act and G's Adoption Registry Fundraiser

January 1, 2018 - Breaking The Seal Conference:

Keynote Speakers:

Don Phillips, Missouri State Representative District 138

Adam Pertman, President, CEO and Founder of the National Center on Adoption and Permanency


  • Search & Reunion and Your Rights to Your Information - Stephanie Wyatt, Search Angel & Gary Schaefer, Founder of G's Adoption Registry
  • DNA & Genetic Genealogy - Janine Cloud, Family Tree DNA & Heather Dodd, Genected
  • Late Discovery Adoptees - Keith Sciarillo
  • First/Birth Parent - Sharon Fieker Cummins & Jeanette Crawford Mooney
  • Adoptive Parents - Adam Pertman, CEO and Founder of the National Center on Adoption & Permanency & Deb Guinn Donatti

January 1, 2018 - Evening performance of "Blank" by Missouri adoptee Brian Stanton & Music By Don Phillips

January 2, 2018 - The Department of Health and Senior Services will be at the Capitol Plaza Hotel to accept new applications and distribute copies of birth certificates to some adoptees who have pre-submitted their application. There will be a $25 fee to join us for the ceremony and lunch.

*Throughout the event we will also have door prizes and a silent auction to raise funds for G's Adoption Registry.

**Please remember, the event sign-up does not include the hotel room. You must make hotel reservations separately. If you are staying at the Capitol Plaza, please be sure to tell them you are attending "Breaking the Seal". (573) 635-1234



Q: Will descendants of Missouri born adoptees be able to receive a copy of the adopted person’s original birth certificate if the adopted person is deceased?

A: Not without a court order. BUT you will still be able to request identifying information from the adoption file that is held by the county and/or agency. Send a messsage to missouriadopteerights@gmail.com to be added to the descendants' update list.


Q: Do I have to wait until 2018 to get my information?


A: You can request some information through the courts and/or adoption facilitator.  The adoption record is governed under a different section of Missouri Law and may be accessed through the county courts.  The birth certificate is not typically a part of the adoption record.  Birth certificates will become accessible without a court order on January 2, 2018 for those born after 1940.

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